Tire Rotation and Balance Tips

Our family and locally owned Jaguar service center near Bryant knows the importance of rotating and balancing your tires throughout the life of your car. The certified technicians that we staff are always willing to walk you through the service process and offer tips and tricks to keeping your car running efficiently long after you buy it.

Why Should Drivers Rotate and Balance Their Tires?

Tire rotation and balance are two separate procedures that are both aimed at increasing the safety and efficiency of your tires. The rotation of tires is a process that involves moving the tires from front to back and right to left. By doing this, the tires wear out evenly as opposed to having to replace your front tires before your back tires. In the long run this could easily save you a few hundred dollars.

Balancing the tire can reduce vibrations in the steering wheel when you’re driving at higher speeds. While it might not be a huge nuisance to you, these vibrations can cause damage over hundreds of miles. Balancing tires involves placing small lead weights on the rims so all of the tires have an even weight distribution.

Manufacturers recommend that all four tires be rotated every 7,000 miles. An easy way to remember to rotate and balance them is to do it every other oil change.

Jaguar Service For Bryant Area Drivers

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