Road Hazard

Your vehicle is such a huge investment, it is important to make sure it is taken care of. While you will enjoy each ride in your new car, problems like a flat tire could appear out of nowhere. Luckily, the Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection Plan can help you protect your new Jaguar when roaming around the Little Rock streets. Whether it is damage from debris or road conditions, this plan has you covered.

Although this plan doesn’t cover cosmetic or structural damage to tires from collisions with curbs or abnormal wear and tear, your ride is protected in many other ways. Thanks to our Jaguar finance center in Little Rock, we can give you the confidence to roam the streets without any worries.

Jaguar Shoppers In Little Rock Near Conway Can Protect Their Tires

There are two different types of plans for you to choose from. The Standard and Deluxe plan each offer different options. Optional Towing and Roadside Assistance are also made available, as we believe quality service shouldn’t be difficult to receive.

To learn more about our Road Hazard Plans feel free to contact Little Rock Jaguar by calling us at (833) 664-6125 or click here.